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This mass set is inspired by the Berger Cope, a medieval vestment produced in England circa 1480. The original cope features opus anglicanum embroideries of angels and decorative sprays on a red velvet background.


We have reproduced the original medieval designs for this chasuble, and coupled them with an orphrey of gold embroidered scrollwork by G. F. Bodley. The apparels are of gold damask and the whole is lined in a green cotton sateen.


All items that the Dowry Workshop produces include:

- Chasuble

- Maniple and Stole

- Burse and Veil

- Apparels for the amice, sleeves and skirt of the alb front and back


We are also able to produce matching dalmatics and tunicles for this set. If you would like more information, please get in touch and let us know.

The Berger Mass Set

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