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The Imperial & Royal Warrant of Appointment
Habsburg Crest 4.png

The tradition of Royal Warrants is one of some antiquity, and being officially appointed a supplier to a Royal Court has long been held to be a mark of the quality and service provided by the company in question. In the Austrian Empire the warrant was granted wither for supplying the court or various members of the Imperial Family 'k. und k. Hofleiferant', or for supplying the Emperor or Empress personally 'k.u.k. Kammerlieferant'. The latter of these distinctions is no longer given, but various members of the Imperial Family continue to grant the former as a mark of favour and patronage.


In 2021 the Dowry Workshop was honoured to be appointed official suppliers to the Imperial and Royal House of Habsburg (Habsburg-Lothringen). We supply printed and textile goods to the Imperial Household and to individual members of the Household.

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