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Drawing inspiration from the work of the Warham Guild, the Workshop is excited to offer a range of simple yet elegant linen vestments according to original Guild patterns. All elements of this set are made from 100% pure well draping linen and dyed by hand in-house to traditional colours using time honoured techniques.


All items that the Dowry Workshop produces can include, based on your selections:


- Chasuble

- Maniple and Stole

- Burse and Veil

- Apparels for the amice, sleeves and skirt of the alb front and back


We are also able to produce matching dalmatics and tunicles for this set. If you would like more information, please get in touch and let us know.


N.b. the braid shown in the photographs is demonstrative, and we will be in contact regarding choices of braid upon receipt of orders.

Hand Dyed Linen Mass Set

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