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We are pleased to announce the forthcoming publication of St. Alban's Press's edition of The Maxims of St. Philip Neri, along with a short Vita.


This work is a classic Daily Devotional, containing a short thought for every day of the year.


St. Philip Neri, reknowned as one of the greats of the Counter-Reformation, and founder of the Congregation of the Oratory, was also a significant counselor and spiritual director to everyone from the most humble of his flock to Roman Catholic Cardinals. This work gives a morsel of Philip's wisdom for each day. First translated by Father Faber of the London Oratory, the work is here artistically and faithfully represented for our customers.


84 Pages, traditionally typeset, and printed on archival paper. Reproduction woodcuts.

Bound in a flexible cover of Fedrigoni Acquerello premium paper.

A6 Chap-Book Size (4- x 6 in)

Maxims & Vita of Philip Neri

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