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We are pleased to announce the forthcoming publication of St. Alban's Press's edition of Bishop Challoner's Treatise on the Lord's Prayer & the Angelic Salutation. The work closes with a short biography of Bishop Challoner. The work was first published in the 1760s.




This short work is a systematic and spiritually rich exposition of the petitions of the Lord's Prayer and the content of the Angelic Salutation, better known as the Angelus.


Bishop Challoner was the Vicar Apostolic of the London District during the time of the period of Catholic recusancy in England. He was a reknowned churchman of the Roman Catholic Church, and a significant catechist.


50 Pages, traditionally typeset, and printed on archival paper. Reproduction woodcuts throughout.

Bound in a flexible cover of Fedrigoni Acquerello premium paper.

A6 Chap-Book Size (4- x 6 in)

Challoner's Our Father & Angelus

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